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spring rider furniture piece

2020 | with joshua melton & christian lopp

Belinda was overwhelmed with problems and smothered with sadness. Shortly after she didn't make mat, Belinda tore her ACL and was unable to complete her community college degree. She could not land a secure job, and Belinda had mounting money problems. Against her parent’s will Belinda was forced to move home. Belinda’s childhood bedroom remained virtually untouched — a shrine to her much more successful adolescent self. Belinda tried drinking, smoking, and wearing her high school boyfriend’s letterman jacket to ease her current pain. None of this worked.


Where does one find the will and the courage to continue? For some, this comes from a friend, from religion, from self-help books, or from new opportunities. Although Belinda is nowhere near healed, Belinda is working her way out of despondency with the help of her Pompous Cheeky Creepy Spring Rider Spring Rider, an adult sized children’s furniture piece that Belinda never outgrew.        


The Pompous Cheeky Creepy Spring Rider Spring Rider is the fruition of explorations in minor aesthetic categories, scalelessness, and materiality. It is a homogeneous collage of three sacred artifacts from Belinda’s youth.

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