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santos residence
2021 | austin, tx | with Lemmo Architecture and Design

Behind a relatively unassuming street front, an architectural spine of flagstone runs cleanly down the entire length of the Santos Residence, a compact home and accessory structure rooted in minimal form and efficient use of space. The notion of the home as a personal sanctuary resonates strongly here, as emphasis is placed on spaces that feel comfortable yet functional in scale. The feature wall acts as a spacial organizer, as a variety of public and private moments dance along it as it ebbs and flows from exterior, to interior, and back again.

Such a prominent, monolithic entity creates a strong degree of separation with the flexibility to delineate spaces in a variety of ways. Open breaks allow for a relative flow from kitchen to dining, for example, but other times, such as for a bedroom, a door gives a greater degree of privacy. In the accessory structure, which is envisioned as a creative studio, the wall instead partitions the back yard and serves as the exterior wall, carving out space to allow for a separate entrance from the main home. The design is thus a collection of more intimate spaces, save for a generous garden courtyard in the rear of the property.

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