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millbook clubhouse
2022 | austin, tx | with Lemmo Architecture and Design

Situated within a historic property with outstanding beauty, the Millbrook Clubhouse seeks to expand the remarkable site by adding a moment of reprieve and communal gathering space for a rapidly-growing marketing firm. Nestled in a wooded cove and perched above recently-completed pickleball courts, the space serves as a catalyst for socialization - fostering workplace bonds amongst employees as well as providing a robust entertaining space for visitors. The clients can make use of amenities including a lounge + kitchenette, plunge pool, and an ample roof deck offering views across the lush, well-manicured landscape.

As a new addition to a pre-existing context deeply in touch with its past, the clubhouse seeks to bridge the old and the new, with modern form and steel structure paired with a more rustic palette of interior materials and furnishings that touch on motifs of West Texas and the mid-century. Large, steel skylights allow dappled light from above, complimenting large expanses of glass that frame the courts below. The space strives for notions of airiness and cultivating a vigorous connection to the rest of the property, celebrating a new era of architecture to the site yet remaining respectful of eras past.

Interiors: McCray and Co.

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