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rob roy residence
2021 | austin, tx | with Lemmo Architecture and Design

A hillside property forces one to re-approach how space can be constructed, as horizontality becomes increasingly limited without the need for intense intervention to the site. Pure verticality is an overly simple approach as well, neglecting the experiential properties that result from a change in elevation across the project. Thus, the Rob Roy Residence finds a solution through cascading forms that remain in dialogue with the terrain, moving along contours to generate various wings of a house that are able to achieve views outward without excessive protrusion from the ground.

Nestled towards the top of the funnel-esque property, the home is able to capitalize on its context on the edge of the Hill Country. Linear forms collide into one another as they move vertically with the site, while strategic gabion walls partition a platform of a garden contextualized by the local exposed limestone within said wall. Aside from this moment, the property is to remain largely unmanicured, instead appreciating the beauty of what already exists. Large expanses of glazing minimize the threshold between indoor and outdoor, instead encouraging a rigorous engagement with the terrain.

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