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annie bouldin house

2020 | austin, tx | with lemmo architecture and design

This residence in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood of Austin was designed for two individuals who wanted to cohabit in the home while maintaining independent spaces. Thus, the form and material choices were a result of this. There are two separate driveways-his and hers- and an exterior form of two intersecting volumes clad in two different materials: stucco and garapa wood. The volume shifts to accommodate trees and scales down in elevation to human scale near the sidewalk facing Annie street, adapting to the natural and built contexts of the neighborhood. Deep overhangs and soffits help provide shade. A screened in porch acts as formal element to connect indoor and outdoor spaces and to stitch together the volumes. The result is one whole made up of two distinguishable, but not fully distinct, pieces.

Contractor: JGB Custom Homes

Structural Engineer: Fort Structures

Photo Credits: Chase Daniel

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